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How it works...

North East Hair and Beauty awards

We were established in 2022 and thought the north east of England needed something close to home for recognition, celebration and admiration of the talent within the industry. 

Applications and nominating

We are doing things slightly different this year, firsty we are having an application process, so we know exactly which award people would like to run for, if shortlisted for 2024. 

We will be having a nomination process too, opening in October 2023. We ask that individuals DO NOT put themselves forward, that this is completed by clients, family or friends, or work colleagues - someone that you think needs to be recognised. 

We will be getting in touch with all shortlisted nominees in February 2024, where a voting system will be in place to get through to the finals. 

Once through to the final stage, each candidate will be required to complete supporting evidence. After reflection of this year's supporting evidence, we will be adapting where needed and if ANY candidate would prefer a different route of submission of supporting evidence, this is absolutely possible. We are about inclusion of every ability, ensuring all candidates feel comfortable and supported throughout. 

The final stage will be marked and deliberated by our fantastic judging panel. 

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In 2024, our event venue is to be confirmed, however, we are very excited about the venue that is a possibility. 

The event date:


All finer details will be announced over the next couple of weeks. 

For now, all you need to know is we are going BIGGER and BETTER.. AGAIN. 

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